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Lambda Photometrics has introduced the M-2x series of high precision, motorised linear actuators from specialists PI. The actuators have been designed for applications requiring very high resolution, high moving force and high speed.The units are designed for both OEM and research use and offer a design resolution of 4nm at speeds up to 50mm/sec and the ability to move loads up to 12kg. An optional piezo tip offers 1nm resolution.

The M-2x actuators are self-contained packages using either a DC motor or stepper motor driving a ball screw or lead screw. Unlike many other motorised actuators the new PI units feature a non-rotating tip ensuring maximum stability and motion linearity. Integral non-contacting limit switches and homing sensors increase these actuators’ versatility and help to protect sensitive equipment where extended motion could cause damage. The DC motor versions are equipped with closed-loop, high-resolution encoders. For applications where space is at a premium, an ultra-compact model is available featuring a parallel drive shaft/motor configuration. A variety of low-cost stand-alone or PC card controllers/drivers are available to power the units.