XS-610 laser system

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Eurolaser has introduced the XS-610 compact laser system, featuring high levels of cutting quality and engraving with a resolution of up to 1,200dpi at high speed. The laser system can be used just like a desktop printer, being compatible with all the standard file formats. Its modern touch screen with its user-friendly menu navigation make operation child's play.

Whenever required the system can be expanded to include dedicated automation for textile applications, thanks to newly developed add-on technology for which a patent is pending. This means that rolled materials can now be processed. The material is transported directly and automatically from the roll and into the laser system, where it is then processed and finally conveyed to the discharge side.

A CCD camera used for optical recognition of position markings rounds off the range of laser engraving and cutting systems. Printed as well as embroidered or glued markings can be recognised. Even the recognition of clear patterns is possible. The captured data are used to position the laser beam automatically over the workpiece, so exact processing of the print contour is carried out automatically.

The Eurolaser XS-610 offers the user a processing area of 900 x 600 mm.