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Mamba Green laser

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Coherent has launched its Mamba Green laser, a frequency doubled, DPSS laser offering a combination of high output power, reliability, and low cost of ownership for a range of materials processing tasks. The laser delivers more than 325W of output at 532nm (at 10kHz), yet its integrated doubling crystal shifter and field replaceable gain modules provide an expected operating lifetime of more than 25,000 hours. Furthermore, the laser enables high process throughput and flexibility by way of its Pulse OnDemand feature. Pulse OnDemand stabilises output characteristics in both single shot and burst mode operation, and also includes first pulse equalisation, which makes it possible to utilise every pulse produced by the laser.

The Mamba Green is suitable for a number of industrial and scientific applications, including surface texturing, cutting, drilling, marking and engraving of metals, such as steel and aluminum. The laser is able to provide particularly high throughput for metal processing applications (for example, 1,000 holes/min of 0.25mm diameter on 800µm thick aluminum). The laser is also useful for a variety of semiconductor processing tasks, including low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) recrystallisation for display manufacture, dopant activation in the fabrication of IGBT semiconductors and CMOS devices, and annealing for CMOS sensors. Coherent claim that the laser offers higher power and higher repetition rate output than any other high-performance green laser, making it well suited to pumping Ti:Saphire amplifiers.