Mambo orange DPSS laser

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Cobolt, a Swedish manufacturer of low-noise DPSS lasers, has announced the release of a higher power model of its Mambo orange laser. The laser is available at a fixed CW wavelength of 594nm, with output powers of 25mW, 50mw, and now 100mW. The Laser emits a single longitudinal mode with low noise (<0.3 per cent rms), narrow spectral line width (typically <30MHz) and high beam quality (M2<1.1). The laser is suited to fluorescence analysis applications such as confocal microscopy and flow cytometry.

The Mambo laser provides a compact solid-state and higher power alternative to HeNe lasers, which opens up a new range of fluorescence applications, in particular for the excitation of Alex Fluor 594, Texas Red and the new very bright gene expression proteins mCherry and mKate. The Mambo complements Cobolt's range of DPSS lasers for the fluorescence-based bioanalytical industry: 355nm, 457nm, 473nm, 491nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, and 594nm lasers are currently available at output powers from 10 to 300mW.

The Mambo is built into a hermetically sealed compact package using the company's HTCure technique, meaning that it is able to withstand multiple 60g mechanical shocks, temperatures of 100°C or more, and is insensitive to pressure and humidity.