MatchBox2 series

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Integrated Optics has introduced a major upgrade on its MatchBox series of ultra-compact CW laser sources for spectroscopy, sorting and illumination. The MatchBox2 series features improved ruggedness, extended operational temperature range, new serial UART interface, laser control software and even smaller footprint.

OEM-dedicated laser sources meet demanding requirements of Raman spectroscopy, holography and modern microscopy. The MatchBox2 series are now not only smaller (30 x 50 x 18mm), but also have features typical of benchtop class lasers. One of such features is communication with multiple lasers using single serial bus and unique laser ID's – this allows integrators and scientists building laser systems having multiple laser sources and just single control interface.

The series offers more than 25 different wavelengths, often with both SLM (Single-longitudinal mode) or non-SLM spectral options. Furthermore, four options of output types are available: free-space, MM, SM and PM fibre. All types of lasers are offered in the same matchbox-size enclosure, unified +5V DC power input and serial control interface.

Most lasers of the lasers in the series feature more than 500:1 polarisation contrast or >20 dB polarisation extinction ratio from a polarisation-maintaining fibre. SLM lasers typically feature around 50dB side-mode suppression ratio (SMSR) with superior center wavelength stability of just few picometers over temperature range from 15 to 35 °C.

The lasers of the MatchBox2 series are self-contained, however a number of accessories are offered to make test and installation more convenient, especially in scientific setups. A variety of heatsinks and protective means are also offered to customers, and compatible optical isolators and beam shaping optics are planned to be released soon.