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Fibre laser for STED

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Mobius Photonics has introduced an upgraded fibre laser that produces visible light with 20MHz pulse repetition rate to a leading European research institute. Tailored for stimulated emission depletion (STED) microscopy experiments, the laser has been designed to dramatically improve imaging speed over prior STED set-ups that used 1MHz Mobius lasers.

STED microscopy is a noninvasive microscopy technique that provides users with ultra-high-resolution images of biological samples. However, its application has been hampered by the availability of suitable light sources, as current technologies are limited by complexity, power, repetition rate, or wavelength. Accordingly, research has focused on developing a system based on a novel laser source that could enhance the technique's capabilities-specifically, the ability to generate ultra-high-resolution images with rapid throughput and to use fluorescent markers of choice.

The Mobius Photonics laser is based on pulsed master-oscillator, fibre-power-amplifier (MOFPA) architecture, and it provides diffraction-limited operation over a range of user-adjustable settings.