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The new Matrix family of lasers from Coherent combines the performance and reliability of solid-state lasers with several design and manufacturing innovations. These new features make it suitable for cost-effective volume OEM integration. The infrared (1.06µm) Q-switched lasers deliver 10W of average power with excellent beam quality (M2=1.1).

Several models of the Matrix offer repetition rates, RMS noise levels and costs targeted at specific applications segments. Among these are a 10kHz model optimised for engraving plastics, metals and other materials that are problematic for carbon-dioxide lasers. A 30kHz version is designed for trimming active and passive circuit components (resistors, crystals, etc.) in microelectronics. A 350kHz version combines the high repetition rate and extremely low noise (<1 per cent RMS) required for precision, high-throughput applications, such as memory repair and disk texturing.

These factory-sealed lasers are designed for integration within specialised tools and equipment by OEMs. This integration is simplified by the small footprint of the Matrix platform, the laser’s low power requirements and a choice of air cooling or closed-loop water cooling. Expected lifetimes of the pump diodes are in the 20,000-hour range, based on the use of the company’s AAA (Aluminum-free Active Area) diode material.