Mavospoec Base light meter

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Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik has further expanded its high quality range of light meters to include the Mavospoec Base, a miniaturised spectrometer for routine daily measurement of all conventional and modern light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs.

All characteristic measured quantities such as illuminance, correlated colour temperature, colour rendering index, color coordinates in accordance with various CEI standards, purity, flicker, spectral power distribution, peak wavelength and dominant wavelength are determined for the measured spectrum and displayed at the highly legible colour display such that they can be understood by experts as well as laypersons. User-friendly, intuitive operation is made possible by the ring controller and just a few keys.

A diverse range of applications makes the Mavospoec Base a reliable partner to the lighting specialist where selection, coordination, inspection, verification, comparison and evaluation of the light and colour quality of various light sources from different manufacturers are concerned.

Measured values can be saved to the 4GB microSD memory card integrated into the battery compartment either automatically or manually. Excel can access the CSV files directly via the USB port and the user can process them in his own reports. The open interface protocol and continuous power supply via USB also permit integration into customer-specific test systems.

Appropriately for modern light sources, the Mavospoec Base is sustainably equipped with a replaceable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a software update function via the USB port. The device is thus open to an expanded range of functions in the future as well as amendments to the standards, and an investment in the cost-effective meter goes hand in hand with a long service life. Outstanding product quality is assured by the 'Made in Germany' seal and the accredited Gossen Light Lab.

For February 2017 a new firmware version is announced which covers new IES method for evaluating light source colour rendition TM-30-15 inside the Mavospoec Base. Former instruments can be updated free of charge, via USB interface.