Mavospec Base

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Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik has expanded its Mavospec Base spectrometer to include measurement of the new colour rendering index in accordance with TM-30-15. The new method defined by the North American Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for evaluating the colour rendering of light sources is now offered in a compact spectrometer.

Measured quantities that can be determined from spectra include correlated colour temperature, Duv, colour coordinates in accordance with various CIE standards, colour purity, flicker (index, %, f), spectral power distribution, peak wavelength and dominant wavelength, all of which can be read from the highly legible colour display by people of any expertise. Measured values can be saved to the 4GB micro SD memory card integrated into the battery compartment either automatically or manually. Excel can access the CSV files directly via the USB port and the user can process them in their own reports.

A diverse range of applications makes the Mavospec Base a reliable partner to the lighting specialist where selection, coordination, inspection, verification, comparison and evaluation of the light and colour quality of various light sources from different manufacturers are concerned.