Melles Griot secures IR business contracts

In the past quarter, the newly formed Melles Griot DSS Group has logged multiple business wins for large contracts for the IR business development group by targeting high-performance laser and optical components and systems used in VIS to IR imaging, optical guidance and targeting. Melles Griot also offers extensive expertise in developing custom shutters for IR-imaging systems that are typically used in defense, security and sensing applications.

  • The team won a multi-year, $1.5M order for IR shutters in military driver night vision systems from a major defense contractor.
  • A $200K order from another major defense contractor was won for products used in a commercial thermal imaging product.
  • A $100K order for shutters for a new thermal imaging camera product with an international thermal/infrared imaging manufacturer.
  • A $150K order for shutters to be used in night observation systems with a major OEM defense contractor.

Melles Griot focuses on partnering with defense, security and sensing OEM manufacturers to achieve optimum designs for reliable performance under extreme environmental conditions. Melles Griot offers proven technology, deep application expertise and total collaboration with your product, engineering and procurement team to ensure your final solution delivers the reliability, quality and performance required.