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Raman Explorer at wavelengths from 248nm

Headwall Photonics has announced the availability of new models of its Raman Explorer imaging instrument for use in the UV spectral region. Available for laser excitation wavelengths as short as 248nm, the Raman Explorer extends the current analytical ability of customers in the defence and homeland security sectors through the availability of high UV spectral performance coupled with a small form factor for field-based deployment.

For commercial applications, particularly in-line process analysis in areas such as food quality, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and semiconductor processing, the UV Raman Explorer enables users to utilise new techniques such as Raman line-scan analysis and spatially-offset Raman spectroscopy (SORS).

The Raman Explorer is a reflective, dispersive instrument and can be configured as a multi-channel spectrometer. The instrument is available with a range of different models, with laser excitation wavelengths at 248nm, 785nm, 532nm, 830nm, 1064nm, and a dual wavelength model at 532/685nm.


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