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The Mephisto family of single-frequency lasers from Coherent offer ultra-narrow linewidth (~1 kHz over 100ms) that is ideal for demanding applications such as atom trapping and cooling, optical heterodyning, injection locking and seeding, and other applications that require extremely narrow linewidth.  

In addition, the substantial (kilometre range) coherence length of these lasers also brings superior resolution and accuracy to research on gravitational waves and interference-based metrology applications.

Coherent procured the Mephisto laser portfolio as a result of its acquisition of Innolight, a German manufacturer and worldwide leader in narrow linewidth diode-pumped lasers. These lasers are based on proven Non-Planar Ring Oscillator (NPRO) technology where the entire intracavity beam path is contained within a small neodymium-doped gain crystal, which is impervious to contamination, inherently simple to stabilise, and lends itself to thermal and piezoelectric fine frequency tuning.

Moreover, this NPRO technology enables a highly compact system requiring simple convective cooling, thus minimising noise and maximising frequency stability