Micro Channel Cooled Package (Onyx) diode laser bar

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Coherent has released its Micro Channel Cooled Package (Onyx) diode laser bar to deliver 100W (CW) of output power at 808nm with high reliability. 

The specified lifetime is more than 10,000 hours with an electrical to optical conversion efficiency approaching 60 per cent. This water-cooled laser bar can be assembled into vertical stacks containing anywhere from one to 45 bars, with a pitch of 1.6mm. This new Onyx MCCP 100W diode laser bar can also be used to form compact horizontal arrays because each stack is only 11mm wide, and can be placed directly next to another stack with less than 1mm gap.

The primary application for the Onyx MCCP 100 W diode laser bar is as a pump light source for use in solid state lasers for medical and industrial applications. The higher power density reduces system cost as fewer bars are required to obtain a given output level. The high efficiency translates into less waste heat, thus reducing cooling and power supply requirements. The Onyx MCCP 100W laser diode bar operates reliably in the hard pulsed mode often employed in solid state laser systems.