Diode laser components

ES Technology are now distributing a range of products from Dilas in the UK, including fibre-coupled, multi-bar modules. The products deliver 808nm and 976nm wavelengths at 80W output power and 1,550nm at 30W, through a 400µm core diameter fibre with a low numerical aperture of <0.22 and WPE of >35 per cent. The housing meets demand for a small package and advanced features. The two-bar design is based on industry standard conductively-cooled bars, which can be cooled with industrial grade water or thermo electrical air-cooling.

Also available are Dilas' quasi-continuous-wave (QCW) fibre-coupled modules. These produce 500W from an 800µm core diameter with a numerical aperture of 0.22 and WPE of >30 per cent. Based upon a highly reliable design, together with a compact footprint, Dilas' fibre-coupled modules are the primary solution for defence, space and scientific applications.

The 300W, fibre-coupled multi-bar module, delivers the power output from a 200µm fibre at 976nm. Additional features of this product include a compact footprint and convenient aiming beam.

Dilas' high-power vertical diode laser stacked arrays are available from ES Technology at 9xxnm wavelength with 150W output power. This water-cooled vertical stack is available with up to 30 stacked bars and with collimation for fast-axis as well as fast-axis and slow-axis configuration. Enduring tough conditions, the advanced housings and high-precision mountings for the optics provide full control allowing all beamlets to be parallel within +/- 3mrad and operate reliably.

Finally, Dilas' conduction-cooled, visible diode laser bars cover wavelengths 632nm, 635nm, 638nm, 650nm and 677nm with optical CW output power between 4W to 20W. Available from ES Technology as fast-axis, collimated, hermetically-sealed conduction-cooled or fibre-coupled module, these diode laser bars facilitate applications such as Cr3+LiCAF pumping, holography, illumination, and medical, among others.