MicroGreen, MiniGreen and FLO-880

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The Frankfurt Laser Company has increased its range of laser diodes, include the MicroGreen and MiniGreen range, and the high-power FLO-880.

The MicroGreen and MiniGreen lasers have powers of 30mW and 250mW respectively. The MicroGreen is mounted on a 5.6mm laser diode header and is just 9mm in length. The MiniGreen is just 9mm in diameter and 13mm in length. They have been developed to be incorporated in devices requiring small components with a low operating current; The MicroGreen requires less than 200mA at 1.8V. Both demonstrate a perfect Gaussian beam profile with low optical noise of less than 1.5 per cent.

The FLO-880 and the Flo-950 are hermetically-sealed, high-power laser modules in HHL housing with integrated thermo electric cooling, a thermistor and monitor photodiodes to stabilise their output power. They are ideal for medical applications and scientific research.

The FLO-880 provides a 500mW CW beam in the range of 1610 and 1650nm, operating at 3A and 1.25V. The Flo-950 is a 1725nm laser diode based on a GaInAsP/InP quantum well structure, featuring a low threshold current of 0.7A with high-slope efficiency, giving excellent reliability. Both feature an AR-coated glass window to aid optical output. The multimode optical fibre has a 100μm core diameter and is terminated with an SMA-905 connector.