Military Coatings on Galvo Mirrors

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Reynard Corporation has released high precision coatings for Galvanometer mirrors. 

Galvo mirrors are used in various laser system applications such as scanners, bar code readers, sweeping remote sensors, marking systems, and laser light shows.

A mirror is modulated on it centred axis, causing a static laser beam to scan in a one-dimensional orientation. Adding a second Galvo mirror allows for scanning in two dimensions. For example, the first scans in an X-orientation across a single line, while the second mirror allows for Y-orientation movement. With a synchronised X-Y controller, any continuous geometric shape can be realised. 

Mirrors are manufactured using most any substrate, but are most commonly made from BK-7, fused silica or silicon. With our CNC machining capabilities, we can shape these Galvanometer mirror substrates to suit any application. The substrates are then coated with a highly reflective protected metal or multi-layer dielectric tuned for the required wavelength band and application. 

These Galvo mirror coatings can achieve reflectivity of greater than 99.9 per cent and are able to withstand the most rigid durability requirements per military specifications - including temperature/humidity and salt fog requirements per Mil-C-48497A.