RP-100 Risley Prism beam steering Assembly

A new RPA (Risley Prism beam steering Assembly), the RP-100, is now available.  The RP-100 offers large aperture (up to 4 inches) field-of-view steering of active and passive optical systems (e. g. lasers and cameras) from the ultraviolet to the far infrared.

OPTRA’s RPA products offer a flat aperture in-line configuration of compact size, low power, and wide steering angles.  The RPAs are ideal for applications as varied as free-space optical communications, LIDAR/LADAR, and passive imaging from small platforms.

Available in single wavelength or achromatic configurations, the RPA provides steering resolution and accuracy better than 100 microradians and 1 milliradian respectively for fields up to 120 degrees full-angle.