Mini-Diff and Bench Reflet

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Light Tec proposes the Mini-Diff for scattering measurement (BRDF/BTDF). It combines a compact size, cost efficiency, and good performances with a flexibility of use: plug & play (USB plug) and fast measurement execution (3minutes or less) according to the automatized measurement. The Mini-Diff uses 4 LED collimated sources at fixed angle of incidence (0°, 20°, 40° and 60°). The instrument provides a standard red light colour (622nm), customizable from UV to NIR in option. Moreover, the Mini-Diff gets a dynamic range up to 104.

The Bench Reflet from Light Tec is a quite high precision 3D (hemispheric) scattering measurement instrument for BSDF. It allows the scattering characterization of any kind of materials or objects. Reflet’s software enables measurements exportation to optical design or other illumination software. Reflet allows measurement over a wide spectrum from 400 to 1700 nm with a dynamic range at 109. The instrument has an adjustable incident angle source going from +90° to -90°  with an angular accuracy <0.5°. Its repeatability is better than 1%. The instrument is delivered with its dark box.