URS50BCC and the URS50BPP precision rotation stages

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Newport Corporation has introduced the URS50BCC and the URS50BPP precision rotation stages which feature 360° continuous motion. The new stages feature a small footprint (50mm size) and very affordable pricing, while maintaining the high performance of Newport’s URS motion product family.

The URS50BCC and the URS50BPP provide backlash-free, continuous rotation with extremely high MTBF (up to 20,000) and very low wobble. Competitively priced, these high performance rotation stages offer large stage performance in a small package. Both stages offer 6µm eccentricity and easy integration.

The URS50B model features a unique, two-part bearing design with pre-tempered steel gears and bearings, to ensure precision and long-life motion positioning. The URS50BCC, the DC- motor version with index pulse for precision homing, is the ideal choice for demanding applications that require bi-directional positioning.

The more economical URSBPP stepper motor version is suitable for less demanding, yet precise rotation applications. A cable is included with each URS50B for plug-and-play compatibility with SMC, ESP and XPS.