mirao 52-e mirror

Imagine Eyes has released its mirao 52-e Electromagnetic Deformable Mirror available.

This latest release follows on from the mirao 52-d and offers users several new hardware and software features that make integrating and using the device easier than before. Key enhancements include: USB2 connectivity, space saving design, improved temporal behaviour, all-new application programming interface, and a trigger output signal for TTL device synchronisation.

Mirao 52-e’s electronic driver unit has been totally redesigned. The unit’s new compact size, half that of its predecessor, incorporates several enhancements and is fully plug-and-play compatible via a standard USB2 interface.

On the software front, mirao 52-e is delivered with an application programming interface (API) that was developed to provide easy access to mirao’s powerful wavefront correction abilities and ensure backwards compatibility as the product continues to evolve. Mirao 52-e is CE marked and conforms to international electromagnetic and electrical safety standards.