ML520G72 red laser diode

Mitsubishi Electric has introduced a new red laser diode, the ML520G72, which is perfectly suited to pico projector applications or other portable display systems requiring a red light source with high brightness. The ML520G72's output power of 500mW helps with the design of high-luminous LD-based projectors and can provide a luminous flux of up to 60 lumens (lm). At the moment LED-based projectors typically offer only about 10lm.

Furthermore, the new ML520G72 offers a conversion efficiency from electrical to optical power of 32 per cent at 500mW and at a case temperature of 25°C. This helps to reduce power consumption and therefore to extend the battery lifetime.

Over the temperature range of -5 to 40°C, the ML520G72 can produce up to 500mW of continuous wave (CW) power. The device is even capable to provide pulsed laser light of 600mW at 50°C when operating with a maximum duty cycle of 25 per cent at frequencies of at least 50Hz.

For CW operation at 25°C the threshold current is 170mA. The operating current at 500mW/2.3V is 680mA. The red laser diode is integrated into a standard 5.6mm CAN package.