Model 305 fixed focus radiation-hardened lens

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Resolve Optics has introduced its Model 305 fixed focus non-browning radiation-hard lens, designed to provide uncompromising performance with large image format cameras and sensors used in high radiation environments. Measuring 30mm in diameter, the compact f2 lens delivers high image resolution and with minimal geometric distortion from 400-750nm.

Manufactured to the highest quality standards from cerium-doped glass or synthetic silica, the lens is able to withstand radiation exposure of up to 53kGy (108 rads) and temperatures up to 55°C without discolouration. The lens is designed to give a 40° field of view in both the vertical and horizontal planes and 25 Cycles/mm, providing optical performance for images up to 18mm in diameter. The lens is available with a manual or motorised iris, and can provide a focus from 35mm to infinity.

The lens is designed for use in radiation-hardened large image format cameras, which have applications in nuclear vision and space research.