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Laser 2000 has introduced Moku:Lab, an all-in-one device that replaces multiple test and measurement instruments with a single device in laboratories. It measures, records, and generates signals from DC to 200MHz and can seamlessly switch between different instruments. The all-in-one device currently integrates oscilloscopes, waveform generators, spectrum analysers, phasemeters, data loggers, lock-in amplifiers, pid controllers and bode analysers. 

By wirelessly communicating with an iPad, Moku:Lab enables technicians, researchers, and students to interact with their experiment and stream data in real-time from anywhere in the lab. The Moku:Lab app contains everything needed to manage multiple instruments in one free download. Data can be shared in seconds using Dropbox, iCloud, or email. The app will also automatically alert users when new instruments are released in the future.