MPLAPON objectives

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Olympus has introduced the MPLAPON series of plan apochromatic objectives, which provide a high level of chromatic aberration correction for materials imaging. Completing the Olympus UIS2 objective range, the MPLAPON objectives are available in 50x and 100x magnification. Developed to provide excellent brightfield imaging, including DIC, the objectives feature numerical apertures of 0.95 and are fully compatible with active auto-focusing units. As a result, highly resolved images can be obtained easily, making the product series ideal for inspecting minute areas in industrial imaging samples, such as semiconductor patterns.

The high resolution capabilities of the objectives enable individual imaging and observation of points separated by only 0.35µm. Furthermore, with high correction for chromatic aberrations over a broad wavelength range, these plan objectives provide exceptionally flat and accurately focussed wide field images.

Olympus has developed the wavefront aberration control process and implemented it into the production of the MPLAPON objective range. With this measurement device, small aberrations, not visible to the human eye, can be quantitatively measured and therefore eliminated to produce advanced, high-quality objectives. As a result, these precision objectives enable strehl ratios of at least 95 per cent.