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Aerotech's new MPS75SL series miniature linear positioning stages are now available in four travel ranges from 25mm to 100mm.

Aimed at university laboratories and research and development centres that require precision alignment, the stages' 75mm width and low-profile design is optimised for the latest generation of miniature 1mm pitch precision ballscrews, high resolution encoders and anti-creep crossed roller bearings.

The MPS75SL series is also available with Aerotech's Halar linear error-corrected certified precision. While standard products’ precision is +/- 4 microns, Halar’s accuracy is +/-1.5 microns for the 100mm travel version. It also has a bi-directional repeatability of +/- 0.75 microns. The stages can also come with brushed DC motor or open loop stepper motors both of which offer a linear positioning resolution to 0.1 microns.

All multi-axis configurations are available in a choice of XY, XZ or YZ orthogonal precision to five or 10 arc-sec. A bellows protection cover option is also available. The new stages are part of a complete family of miniature positioning stage motorised positioners that include linear, rotary, goniometer, and vertical lift and Z stages.


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