Raman lasers and accessories

StellarNet is now offering a variety of Raman lasers and accessories for Raman spectroscopy applications that can be used to perform quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid and powder samples.

The Ramulaser is a 785nm Raman laser designed miniaturised and rugged for lab and portable Raman applications. The Raman laser line is 0.2nm FWHM and has 350/499mW adjustable power. It measures 2 x 4 x 6 inches in a robust metal case with lithium-ion all-day battery power. The Ramulaser comes with options for a direct attach integrating sphere collection assembly for vials or attaches to a Raman probe via standard FC/APC connector.

StellarNet is also offering the Lab-LS-785 Raman Laser Mainframe designed as a turn-key solution for laboratory Raman with adjustable laser power and TEC control electronics. The Lab-LS offers interchangeable modules for a variety of different Raman wavelengths such as 532/647/830/1064nm.

Another item being released is the mini Raman Laser probe. This accessory couples a mini 785nm laser with integrated optics for Raman signal collection all in one. The laser provides 100mW output power and 0.2nm FWHM.

Lastly, StellarNet is offering a Raman Probe that will connect via FC/APC and return to a Raman Spectrometer via standard SMA. The rigid probe length is 100mm with integrated Raman filters for 200cm-1 and f/2 collection optics.