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Labsphere has released its MtrX-SPEC light metrology software module, which delivers user friendly spectrometer calibration and control for spectral characterisation (flux, colour, intensity and irradiance).

The MtrX-SPEC calibrates Labsphere’s spectrometers and analyses spectral radiometric, photometric and colorimetric properties of light sources. Spectral, electrical and thermal controls provide complete characterisation of a wide range of light sources, from simple lamps and LEDs to solid state lighting assemblies and traditional indoor/outdoor lighting.

Temporal measurement features track photometric performance with time. Quadrangle measurements facilitate colour performance binning of white LEDs for solid state lighting applications. All measurement results are captured instantly with real-time graphics and the ability to generate and export reports.

A Windows-compatible interface with methods-driven operations reduces the software learning curve, enabling results in the lab to be easily repeated on the shop floor. User calibration and validation processes adhere to the user’s quality management system.