Multi-focus optics for multi-kW lasers

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Splitting laser energy and focusing in multiple foci is a main function of foXXus and twoXX beam shaping optics of patent pending design developed for laser material processing applications like welding and metal sheet cutting using multi-kW lasers.

Focusing a laser beam in separate foci perpendicular to or along the optical axis allows optimising energy distribution for higher productivity and improved quality of material processing. Optical design provides theoretically lossless focusing in variable number of foci, and refractive optical components guarantee high resistance to radiation of multi-kW CW or pulsed lasers.

The multi-focus optics operates with both TEM00 and multimode lasers at various wavelengths and various beam sizes; low sensitivity to misalignments and compact design of these optical devices make it possible quick, easy and simple integration in already existing equipment.