Focal-πShaper 9_HP

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The Focal-πShaper 9_HP presents new refractive focusing beam shapers optimised to operate with modern high power ps and fs lasers. The optical design of the Focal-πShaper 9_HP is adapted to high pulse energy. It can transform a TEM00 Gaussian laser beam to produce a beam with the optimum intensity distribution to create Flat-top, Doughnut, Inverse-Gauss intensity profiles in the focal plane of a focusing lens.

This intensity profile manipulation offers flexibility and improvement in various types of micro processing techniques. It enables high efficiency when using costly laser energy, is compact, offers easy adjustability and simplicity of integration in already existing equipment, and is capable of working with scanning heads and F-theta lenses. These properties and more make the Focal-πShaper an ideal tool for various micromachining applications, including scribing, drilling, patterning, microwelding.