N-380/N-381 NEXACT ceramic linear motor actuators

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PI has released the N-380 / N-381 NEXACT ceramic linear motor actuators. The new actuator is based on the Piezo Walk principle and replaces classical lead screw actuators combining high forces and long travel ranges with sub-nanometreresolution in a small package.

The device has a 1 kg Push/Pull Force, 30mm travel area and 10mm/sec speed. Other features include self-locking, a stiff design and a convenient ½” front mount or clamp mount.

The actuator has a stepping mode and sweep mode, millisecond response and high bandwidth with non-magnetic and vacuum-compatible options.

Applications include: micromanipulation and nanomanipulation; nanotechnology; microscopy & optics; nano-imprint; laser tuning; semiconductor test & production equipment; bio-technology and medical technology.

NEXACT actuators provide piezo-class resolution (far below one nanometre) and millisecond responsiveness. In contrast to conventional piezo actuators, the new stepping technology allows virtually unlimited travel ranges while retaining the high stiffness, in a very small package. The special drive design reduces the operating voltage to 40V or less, with minimal power consumption. 

In contrast to DC servo or stepper motor actuators, the piezo walk drive effects linear motion directly, without the need to transform rotation with gears and leadscrews. Backlash and wear are eliminated and the drive is maintenance-free. NEXACT actuators exhibit high stiffness and are self-locking when powered down with nanometer position stability, and zero heat dissipation or servo-dither at rest.