NanoCalc2000 Thin Film Measurement System

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The NanoCalc-2000 Thin Film Measurement System, from Mikropack, is an ideal tool for fast, reliable and easy measurement of transparent and semi-transparent thin layers. Depending on the layer and substrate material, it can measure layers of just a few nanometres up to several hundreds of microns. The large spectral range available from 250nm (UV) to 1100nm (NIR), as well as our special simulation algorithms allow the measurement not only of standard samples like oxides, nitrides and resists on ideal substrates like silicon wafer or glass, but also the measurement of critical layers like DLC (diamond like carbon) on metal, layers on unpolished steel plates or the thickness of transparent foils. Short measurement time and the very flexible positioning of the fibre head make this system the first choice for integration into existing machinery, as well as for adaptation to almost any microscope and for in situ process control. Measurement of multi-layers, 3D-thickness profiling with motorised 150mm or 300mm mapping stage, on-line measurement data acquisition and remote control via ActiveX are optionally available.