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The SpecEl-2000 from Mikropack is a bench-top thin film measurement system based on spectroscopic ellipsometry. Suitable for flat, semi-transparent samples such as wafers and glass plates, the Spec-El-2000 features simple placement of the sample and one-button operation.

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is independent of any reference measurement, and multiple parameters can be determined simultaneously. Measurements of thickness, refractive index and absorbance data within the wavelength range 450-900nm are delivered within 5-15s.

The Spec-El-2000 uses a CCD array as a detector. The incidence angle is nominally set to 70°, but can be customer-specified to any angle between 65° and or 75°. The desktop footprint is small (52 x 33 x 24cm).

Depending on the layer and substrate material, the SpecEl can detect layer thickness between 0.1nm and 8µm, and gives values for thickness accurate to 1nm. The system comes with a 32-bit Windows PC, complete with powerful software offering a range of modelling possibilities such as Cauchy, OJL, Tauc-Lorentz, Drude, EMA and different types of oscillator. The software can also store measurement routines for measurements that need to be repeated.

A high resolution option reduces the standard spot size from 2 x 4mm to 200 x 400µm. Further options include reference wafers and 2D mapping accessories, with custom, multi-functional solutions available on request.