New Focus 8780 GuideStar 4-Axis beam stabilisation controller

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Bookham has launched the New Focus 8780 GuideStar 4-Axis beam stabilisation controller.  The high performance controller enables precise laser alignment in critical applications including advanced scientific research, semiconductor metrology and lithography, material processing, medical diagnostics and surgery, and aerospace and defense systems. 

The fully integrated controller and driver with built in micro-processor is designed to correct laser beam misalignments arising from factors including pointing drift inherent in the laser source, and thermal and stress induced changes in the optics and mechanics within the laser-based system.    

The 8780 GuideStar Controller combines with the New Focus USB-compatible Position-Sensing Detectors and ‘set and forget’ Picomotor actuated motorised mirror mounts to provide a complete beam control solution. 

The controller features built-in Auto-Configuration to quickly and easily determine the loop parameters within the GuideStar system, and USB, Ethernet and RS232 connections provide flexibility for sending high level commands and reading data.