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New models of PowerMax-USB/RS sensors

Coherent has expanded its PowerMax-USB/RS series of laser power measurement products with the addition of several new sensors. PowerMax-USB/RS sensors, first introduced in December 2009, were the first to integrate a sensor head with complete meter electronics that are miniaturised within a USB 2.0 or RS 232 cable connector. The original product offering included optical and thermopile sensors that enabled laser power measurement up to the tens of watts range. Now, new PowerMax sensors extend this into the kilowatt range. Specifically, these include new water-cooled thermopile sensors, suitable for measuring laser power from 1W to 1kW, anywhere over the 250nm to 10.6μm spectral range. The 1kW sensor is available in a post-mounted configuration, suitable for lab use, as well as a more compact form specifically intended for ease of integration in embedded, OEM applications.

Other new additions to the PowerMax-USB/RS product line are a series of convective air-cooled, single element thermopile sensors that allow power measurement in the 10mW to 30W range, from wavelengths of 190nm to 11µm. These new PM-series sensors can withstand higher average powers in a smaller package than the previously available LM-series sensors, and also typically have a lower noise floor. This combination of smaller size and higher performance makes them particularly useful for embedding into tight spaces in demanding laser-based systems.

As with all previous PowerMax-USB/RS products, these utilise Coherent's PowerMax PC applications software as a virtual instrument interface, enabling the operator to take laser power readings, log data and compute measurement statistics. Users can also write their own software using host interface commands that control all aspects of power meter operation. PowerMax USB/RS sensors also offer a lower total system price, as well as reduced calibration costs, since there is no extra calibration for a separate meter involved.


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