NIR-MPX800 series

Laser Components has introduced the NIR-MPX800 series, which complements the family of phase modulators from Photline. In recent months there has been a significant increase of customer orders for applications including: quantum optics, fibre sensors, interferometric-based sensors and frequency shifting.

With Photline's proton exchange waveguide process, the NIR-MPX800 exhibits superior stability and power handling capacity for these low frequency to 10GHz, low Vπ and insertion loss modulators.

The NIR-MPX800-LN-0.1 series provide 150MHz electro-optical bandwidth with 2V Vπ FR at 50kHz, while the NIR-MPX800-LN-05 series includes 5GHz electro-optical bandwidth with 5V Vπ FR at 50kHz. Finally, the NIR-MPX800-LN-10 series provides 12GHz electro-optical bandwidth with 7V Vπ FR at 50kHz. All units give 4dB insertion loss [based on 850nm at 25ºC].

Efficient single side band modulation and carrier suppression can be achieved by using a combination of intensity and phase modulators when correctly driven with DR-AN analogue FR amplifiers.

Absolute maximum ratings include: ±20V modulation range, 13dBm optical input power, 0ºC to 70ºC operating temperature and –40ºC to 85ºC storage temperature.