NoIR LaserShields eyewear

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Elliot Scientific has introduced the NoIR LaserShields eyewear product range.

NoIR LaserShields, which has been manufacturing laser safety eyewear for multiple applications since 1996, offers a comprehensive group of filters for protection against specific or combined laser wavelengths, a broad choice of frames to suit face and pocket, and additional products for patient or client protection, medical or aesthetic laser users, and civil or commercial pilots for protection against laser pointers.

The NoIR LaserShields Elliot Scientific offers are CE-certified (EN207/208) and manufactured using stringent processes in combination with strict tolerances that ensure all filters exceed performance and absorption specifications.

LaserShields meet the requirements of 89/686 EEC Personal Protective Equipment and are classified Class 1 per rule 1 in Annex IX of the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC + 2007/47/EC.

Over 1,000 different combination filters and frame styles are available to purchase.