Laser Beam Dump products

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Ophir-Spiricon has introduced two Laser Beam Dump products for high power applications, the BD5000W-BB-50 and the BDFL500A-BB-50. These devices are designed to safety absorb the unused part of a high-power laser beam and dissipate the resulting heat, protecting nearby personnel and equipment. The BDFL500A-BB-50 is a fan-cooled beam dump for up to 500W. The BD5000W-BB-50 is a water-cooled beam dump for even higher power applications, up to 5kW.

Both Laser Beam Dumps have a 50mm aperture. A broadband absorber makes them suitable for applications across a wide spectral range, from UV to far IR. The absorber has a high damage threshold, handling 7kW/cm2 at 500W and 3kW/cm2 at 5kW. The beam dumps are compact units with standard mounting configurations.