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Menlo Systems has launched o-Light, a compact version of its Yb:doped femtosecond fibre oscilllator, measuring just 23.4 x 15 x 9.6cm.

For the first time, the complete control electronics and the complete optical setup are integrated in one single box. The entire system consumes 36W only running off a 12V power supply. The o-Light is temperature stabilised and turnkey-operated, which makes it a reliable and maintenance-free source ideally suited for long-term operation.

Originally developed for OEM integration applications it is the ideal choice for becoming the new industrial platform for Yb-laser products.

The o-Light delivers linearly polarised femtosecond pulses at 50MHz repetition rate at 10mW average output power in a spectral bandwidth of >12nm. The centre wavelength can be chosen within the range of 1,030 to 1,055nm, with pulses from the fibre-coupled output port suitable for nearly Fourier-limited compression down to <250fs.