ORS-DL Optical Reference System

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Menlo Systems has extended the capabilities of its Optical Reference System (ORS) product range with models providing output in the visible range. 

The new ORS-DL series uses interference filter cateye design external cavity diode lasers from MOGLabs. These diode lasers, which are known for their robustness, stability, and narrow linewidth, are available at wavelengths such as 657nm, 689nm, 698nm, 729nm, and many others from 400nm to 1650nm. By stabilising these lasers to high-finesse ULE cavities, Menlo Systems realised sub-Hz linewidths and Allan deviations below 2 x 10-15 at 1s averaging time. The ORS-DL system includes all control and locking electronics, monitors, vacuum system, temperature stabilisation, vibration and acoustic isolation as well.