T-Light 780 fibre laser

Menlo Systems has launched the second generation of the T-Light 780, its compact fibre laser. 

The enhanced design ensures stable operation in demanding industrial environments. Due to the significantly improved frequency conversion scheme, the T-Light 780 has spectral bandwidths of >12nm, which leads to pulse durations <100fs.

Further compression to sub-70fs is achieved with the T-Femtoscale, a pulse compressor based on chirped mirror technology. These parameters move the fibre based T-Light into domains which were previously only accessible by large frame Ti:Sapphire lasers.

Customers have successfully integrated the T-Light 780 in applications like amplifier seeding, multiphoton excitation, time-resolved spectroscopy, and THz generation. They all see the benefits of saving in time and cost due to the turn-key femtosecond light source. It has never been easier to operate your femtosecond engine.