Optek Technology has released the OCB100-Kit, which is an automatic calibration design kit featuring a driver board with three different optoelectronic circuits to enable design engineers to easily calibrate optoelectronic devices, provide a consistent output signal, and shorten their design cycle. 

The OCB100 Series system calibrates reflective, interruptive and special opto sensors to produce a consistent output, eliminating the need to confirm either the LED drive resistance or phototransistor load resistance to provide a steady state condition. The reliability and consistency of the system is further enhanced by giving the designer the ability to narrow the device's expected startup output state. Degradation of the LED or phototransistor is compensated for each time the system is calibrated. 

Optoelectronic devices can be mounted directly to the OCB100 Series driver board, or use a connectorised configuration to provide for remote mounting. 

Four lights are featured on the board that indicate: when the device is calibrated (green LED flashes three times); that the device could not be calibrated (red LED); and when the analogue output has reached the logical trip point higher than the calibration point (blue LED) or lower than the calibration point (green LED). 

The internal phototransistor load resistance can be set for three different values (~2.5Kohms, ~9.6Kohms or ~27Kohms).