AXUV photodiodes

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Opto Diode, a division of ITW and a member of the ITW Photonics Group, has released the second in the AXUV series of multi-element photodiodes.  

The new 20-element AXUV20ELG features a 22-pin, dual in-line package with 100 percent internal quantum efficiency (QE).  Bolometry, the measurement of minute amounts of radiant energy, is a key application for this highly sensitive photodiode.  The device is also suitable for electron detection, providing EUV-UV and UV-VIS-NIR photon responsivity.

 The AXUV20ELG includes an active area of 0.75 x 4.1mm and a sensitive area of 3mm² per element. The reverse breakdown voltage is typically 25Vs and the capacitance is 40pF maximum (at 25°C, per element).  

With a rise time of 200nsec and shunt resistance (per element) at a minimum 100MOhms, Opto Diode says the photodiode provides exceptionally stable response after exposure to high energy radiation.