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The Odin-II multi-pass amplifier with cryogenically cooled add-on amplifier from Quantronix, and distributed by Photonic Solutions, is a commercial-grade modular Ti:sapphire amplifier system that offers greater than 12mJ per pulse at 30fs pulse duration with pre- and post-pulse contrasts greater than 1000:1.

The high-power, ultra-short pulse Ti:sapphire amplifier system is a modular system, with fully integrated pump lasers and amplifiers. The system consists of two stages: the front-end amplifier is an Odin-II, with 2.5mJ per pulse at 30fs pulse duration and 1kHz repetition rate; the second stage power amplifier is a cryo-cooled 12mJ add-on multi-pass amplifier boosting the pulse energy to greater than 12mJ at 1kHz.

The multi-pass amplifier configuration utilised in this laser system minimises material dispersion and has the added advantage that the simplicity of design renders maintenance easy and straightforward and operation alignment-free. The configuration also results in a compact design with a footprint of 80 x 140cm.