ODIN II Multipass Amplifier

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Photonic Solutions represents the scientific product range of Quantronix, specialists in the field of high-energy ultrafast lasers and amplifiers. Recent developments in this area have seen their new ODIN II multipass Ti:Sapphire amplifier set the performance standards for true sub-30fs pulses. The design sees only one pass through the Pockell’s Cell, thereby minimising material optical dispersion (compare with a regenerative amplifier which has typically 30 passes through its PC) and guaranteeing shortest optical pulses. Typical performance is sub 25fs, >2.5mJ, with exceptional contrast ratios and beam profiles (M2 < 1.5). The first ODIN II has already been installed in the UK in the laboratory of Dr Gareth Roberts, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne with others in Europe, Japan and USA.