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VFL-P-532 visible fibre laser

MFB Communications, available in the UK and Ireland from Photonic Solutions, has introduced the VFL-P-532, the latest addition to its range of visible fibre lasers. The VFL-P-532 can deliver up to 5Wof CW power from a compact laser head measuring only 132 x 50 x 30mm.

The laser emitting head is connected to the drive laser unit via an armoured optical fibre cable. The emitting head is in a compact, ultra robust enclosure that can withstand vibration up to 2G in the vertical and horizontal plane. The all-fusion-spliced optical train eliminates the traditional concern of keeping optics clean and cavity alignment sensitivity to temperature and mechanical vibrations. This high reliability, maintenance-free laser comes with a user-friendly graphical user interface.

The compact 5W 532nm laser will allow the end user to provide integration solutions that were not possible before in areas of optical molecular imaging, flow cytometry, microscopy, DNA analysis and cell sorting and sequencing. Other applications include lithography, holography, interferometry, forensics and spectroscopy.

Other wavelengths available in the VFL-Series include 514, 560, 580, 592, 628, and 642nm.


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