OEM fibre lasers

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Manlight of France has launched a new series of high-power OEM fibre lasers. The fibre lasers are based on Manlight´s ‘injection in fibre and all-fibre technology’, which ensures the industrial robustness of the lasers by avoiding difficult alignment or stabilisation of optical parts.

The innovative design and new pump laser diodes result in reliable and long-lifetime products.The excellent beam quality and high-power stability allows a broad range of applications such as marking, micromachining, soldering and 2D sintering.

Manlight´s standard OEM fibre lasers are equipped with a collimated beam delivered through a metal-sheathed optical fibre. An RS-232 interface provides easy operation of the laser. Several options such as different collimating optics and fibre lengths, remote control unit and red pilot beam for tracking are available. The company offers high-power CW fibre lasers from 5-50W and pulsed fibre lasers with an average output power of 5-20W.