SC series of supercontinuum systems

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Ultrafast fibre laser manufacturer Fianium has unveiled a series of enhancements to its SC series of supercontinuum systems. These developments include the addition of the highest-power blue-enhanced system (SC-400-6) and variable repetition rate supercontinuum sources (SC400-6-PP, SC450-6-PP, SC400-4-PP and SC450-4-PP).

The SC-400-6 is a new high-power blue-enhanced supercontinuum laser capable of cutting-edge system performance. The laser features high output power of 6W, very high brightness across the entire spectrum, and a short operating wavelength of 400nm. The full spectrum extends to beyond 2µm. The laser offers a fixed repetition rate of 60MHz or 80MHz, with picosecond pulse widths.

All lasers in Fianium's SC series utilise an inherently robust, low power, all-fibre design allowing for high levels of reliability. In addition, the systems are easy to use, maintenance-free, air-cooled and require no alignment.

The company has also introduced an industry-ready 19-inch rack mount system for its SC series of supercontinuum sources. Responding to a growing demand from industrial users, Fianium has specifically designed the new system to satisfy exacting integration requirements of OEM customers in applications such as fluorescence imaging, biophotonics, medical instrumentation and metrology.