OEM Tech laser diode controllers

AMS Technologies is distributing a new range of laser diode controllers, incorporating a temperature controller, from OEM Tech System Engineering, based in Belarus.

OEM Tech has launched a range of controllers for powering and controlling not only the laser diode, but also the cooling elements for the diode. This complete solution incorporates a module for the laser diode and a bi-polar temperature controller mounted on one single PCB.

The units are available with an output of 200mA and 1A for the laser diode and can be CW, analogue or digital modulated. The integral bi-polar proportional derivative temperature controller (PID) offers a control of the diode temperature from 15 to 40°C with 0.1 per cent accuracy. The controller can be provided with appropriate interface circuits and thus be transformed into a standalone unit. The new laser diode controllers are used in such applications as solid state lasers.

OEM Tech's products are available from AMS Technologies throughout Europe from local offices in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.