OL 756 UV/VIS Spectroradiometer

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Gooch & Housego Orlando's OL 756 UV/VIS Spectroradiometer meets the FDA standard that determines which sunscreen products can be labelled as being 'broad spectrum.' The OL 756 complies with the final rule for measuring the spectral distribution of the critical total UV wavelength range with a spectral bandwidth of < 1nm and is also referenced in the COLIPA Guidelines. The OL 756 is a completely self-contained double monochromator for the 200 - 800nm range. It features a portable, rugged design, a wide variety of accessories, optional battery operation, and intuitive application software. The system is easily adaptable to a variety of measurement applications, such as: transmittance of UV skin protection products, lenses, and shade fabrics; tanning bed/booth irradiance measurements; solar simulation characterisation; and verification of UV curing lamp systems.