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OmniCure AC550/P and OmniCure AC575/Pair-cooled

Excelitas Technologies has released its OmniCure AC5 Series UV LED systems for small area curing.

Designed with a combination of high output LEDs and custom optics, the OmniCure AC550/P and OmniCure AC575/Pair-cooled UV LED curing systems provide high irradiance (14W/cm2), and a reliable UV light source for curing inks, adhesives and coatings in industrial and electronics manufacturing applications, and printing applications such as labels, bar coding and package printing.

They feature very high irradiance LED technology that can cure adhesives at a low temperature, which is needed for sensitive components used in medical device and electronics manufacturing.

The OmniCure AC550/P and OmniCure AC575/P provide 60 per cent higher output compared with Excelitas’ OmniCure AC4 Series with similar benefits, including consistent and even curing with excellent uniformity across the full LED area. These curing systems are easily integrated into any workstation with no additional venting, ozone extraction or chillers required, and can be automated for increased productivity.

Using highly efficient LED modules, both AC4 and AC5 Series systems feature narrow LED wavelength output and lower temperature curing compared to arc lamp systems for reduced power consumption and increased yields.


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